L'Oasis musicale

L’Oasis Musicale at St. George’s, Place du Canada is a weekly concert series, which began and continues at Christ Church Cathedral (CCC) each Saturday at 4:30 p.m. and which is now offered at St. George’s, Place du Canada every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. This shared initiative is more than just housing a concert series in yet another place; it is an expression of how we can work together as churches to further God’s mission in our midst. The vision behind entering this partnership in ministry was inspired by a gathering of downtown clergy in January of 2016. The task was to discern how churches might work more closely together and share worship, program, and resources to add strength and vitality to ministry in the downtown core. Oasis Musical’s expansion represents the first fruits of these conversations.  L’Oasis musicale, in both its CCC and St. George’s incarnations, believes that the theme of providing the space where people can experience the beauty of music is an extension of the church’s ministry. For, just as oases are the places where travellers pause on their journey for repose and refreshment, L’Oasis Musicale is meant to slake the thirst of those longing for the sacred through the medium of music. 

The hope of the people of St. George’s is that this new partnership will foster deeper relationships between downtown churches and lead to other shared projects in mission. Who knows, maybe “Oasis spirituelles” or “Oasis pastorales,” will soon spring-up.

Visit the Facebook page for more details about upcoming concerts.