The Rev. Canon Steven Mackison

I came to the church in August of 2015, excited by St. George’s hopes and dreams for the future. I have a passion for worshiping with reverence and beauty, sharing the stories of our faith, and reaching out to the community, especially the poor and homeless. My family and I are grateful to be members of such a warm, caring, church in the heart of a vibrant and diverse city.

Josee portrait 1.jpg

The rev. Josée Lemoine

I am the Assistant Curate and St. George’s is the first church where I serve as priest. Being French-speaking and coming from a Lutheran background, as a wife and mother of 4 adult children, I bring a colourful flavour to the ministry in this congregation. J’aime me mélanger aux gens, apprendre à les connaître et échanger avec eux dans les deux langues officielles. I try to do urban mission, with whatever that brings. If you are looking to experience church differently, don’t hesitate to come and share your great ideas with me!

Carole vignette 2.jpg

carole KapeLanski

I have been a parishioner at St. George’s for many years and am happy to also be working here now as parish secretary. I am learning a lot about how the services are put together, from the music to the prayers.  I think St. George’s is an exciting place to be.


karl borntraeger

I love my job! I am the caretaker of this physical space and coordinate all our initiatives to help the poor and homeless of the downtown core. I was raised in this church; my parents were married here, I was baptized and confirmed here. I believe in community, social justice and giving people purpose.

We are doing something special at St. George’s and I invite you to join us and become part of what where building here; regardless of your gender, race, religion, culture or creed.