The Dynamic Duo

Thurifer and Boat Girl: Not some liturgical crime-fighting team, as one might suppose from the title; rather, these are the terms applied to the people who carry the respective objects after which they are named: the thurible and boat. The term “thurible” comes from...

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It’s what’s inside that counts

The Chalice: If you are a soup-sipping purist like myself, you probably pshawed the movement to sip your soup from a cup – which has risen in popularity since the mid 80’s. For those of us who prefer our soup in a bowl, being asked to take our soup in a cup was – If...

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The Best Seat in the House

Bishop’s Chair/Throne: You may call me “Captain Obvious” when I tell you that the Bishop’s chair (or throne) is the place where the Bishop sits; although it is a little more complicated than that. As you will know from your own churches, the Bishop’s Chair is...

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