The day-to-day administration of the will of Vestry is led by the Corporation. The Corporation members include the incumbent priest, the Rector’s Warden and the People’s Warden as well as their two deputy’s. The Warden’s are elected for one year terms annually.  At St George’s each Warden is asked to lead a portfolio that calls to them [e.g. Music, Community Outreach, other]. The Parish Treasurer and Administrative Assistant attend all meetings. The former to report on financials, including investments and the latter to act as meeting secretary.

Diocese & Synod

St. George’s is a parish church in the Anglican Diocese of Montreal. A diocese is a collection of parishes and congregations that are governed by a diocesan synod and led by a bishop, who is elected by the synod when there is a vacancy. All licensed clergy in the Diocese of Montreal are members of synod, and each parish elects a certain number of lay people to synod. St. George’s participates in Synod and various other Synod committees and councils and pays an annual Diocesan assessment.


St. George’s is governed locally by our Vestry. Anyone may attend Vestry, but voting members must be Proprietors. Proprietors must be over 16 years of age, been a communicant at St. George’s for over a year and contributed $250 in the past year.

Vestry meets annually in February and as needed for significant decisions affecting the future of the Church. Vestry:

  • Receives and approves reports from the Church committees and the budget for the coming year. Si
  • Nominates and elects Corporation members for the coming year
  • Elects representatives who will attend the next year’s Synod [the annual general meeting of the Diocese] and represent St George’s interests there
  • Confirms lay ministrants and lay readers.
Parish Hall Meetings

At St. George’s we began the practice of holding a Parish Hall Meeting every month. This is an opportunity to report on our financials and for members of the community to update each other on what is happening in the life of the church and to ask questions.