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Music has always played an important role in liturgy; St. George’s is no exception.

Traditional and sometimes modern music accompanies and enriches our celebrations, keeps us in a meditative mood, and helps us pray and praise God.

St. George’s Choir

“O Come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us heartily rejoice in the strength of our salvation.”

Obeying the Psalmist’s injunction to praise the Lord is an important part of the life and worship at St. George’s today, just as it has been for more than a century and a half.

St. George’s Choir, a mixed ensemble of up to 15 voices, sings hymns and music for the Eucharist, as well as Anthems, motets, and plainchant often accompanied by our magnificent organ. Our full choir sings on Sundays, at the 10:30 service, as well as on Holy Days, concerts and other special events.

Choir membership is open to anyone with an adequate voice, and the determination to use that voice in the worship of God. New members are welcome in all sections of the Choir, including young people.

For more information: Please contact our Music Director, Jean-Sebastien Allaire; you can speak to him after service or reach him through the church office at or 514.866.7113 ext 0.

Other musical accompaniment

Our Wednesday 12:15 and Sunday 9 am services are accompanied by viola. For more information please contact our musician-in-residence, Beatrice Ferreira; you can speak with her after service or reach her through the church office at or 514.866.7113 ext 0.