Our Team

Neil Mancor

The Reverend Canon Doctor
[interim priest-in-charge]


I’m thrilled to be able to be part of St Georges Place du Canada again having served here as honorary assistant in 2008.  I look forward to helping build on the forward momentum created by Fr Mackison and to being a support to the Parish during this interim period. As the Coordinator of Congregational Development for the Diocese of Montreal I assist parishes in developing their vision and mission, growing healthy stewardship practices and implementing fresh expressions of Church. Prior to this role, I was the parish priest at St George’s, Ste Anne-de-Bellevue for ten years.  Ordained in St David’s Cathedral in 1999, Ihave served in Wales, Vancouver and Montreal and have a doctorate in medieval spirituality. Married to Kerstin, we have two young adult children Jonathan and Eden who are at CEGEP and University. We still have our little dog, Princess. 

Holly Ratcliffe

The Reverend Doctor


I began my connection with St George’s in the summer of 2017, celebrating and preaching while Canon Steven Mackison was on vacation. What has drawn me to this community has been the warm welcome I have received, and the people’s keen interest in the living Word of God as proclaimed, preached and reflected on. I have been delighted to participate liturgically in this place, as it is reflected in the high quality of choral music, the respect for the preparation that needs to go into good liturgy and the involvement of lay persons who are open to the power of the mystery of creation and redemption at the heart of it. In my role as the Associate Priest for Spirituality at St. George’s I share in preaching and celebrating, and offer other opportunities for deepening the spiritual life of the community. This latter area has been my primary focus throughout many years of ministry and study. My current passion is a return to my childhood love, artistic creativity, which I am currently expressing through the medium of clay, in ceramic pottery and sculpture. I am keen to share this and whatever else is helpful for fulfilling St. George’s call to be a spiritual oasis in the world.

Deborah Noonan

The Reverend


I first came to St. George’s to worship with my family. I was drawn to the beautiful liturgy along with the warm welcome to people of all ages. As the Associate Priest for Christian Formation, I support our education programs for children, youth and adults. I believe that our Christian life is a journey. Christ invites us ever deeper into relationship with him as we worship, pray, study and serve our neighbours together. Prior to coming to St. George’s I served churches in Arizona and in England. I look forward to learning and growing with the community at St. George’s.

Maylanne Maybee

The Reverend Doctor Deacon


As a newcomer to Montreal, I was drawn to St. George’s by friends, and stayed because of the warmth of the parish community and the grace with which people participate in all aspects of worship – word, music, and liturgical movement.  For 40 years, my vocation in ministry has been as a deacon, an ancient order dedicated to service, especially among the “poor, the weak, the sick, and the lonely” and to “interpreting to the church the needs, concerns, and hopes of the world.”  I have lived out this vocation in disadvantaged neighbourhoods as a community minister, in the office of General Synod as an advocate for peace, justice and the integrity of creation, and more recently in theological schools as an educator and administrator.  I am passionate about the priestly and diaconal calling of the whole people of God and encouraging the ministry of all the baptized.

susan searle

theological intern


In response to a later-in-life vocation, I have been studying at the Montreal Diocesan Theological College since the fall of 2017. In agreement with the College, my In-Ministry Year will be spread over 24 months, and I was welcomed nto St. George’s as a Theological Intern in September, 2018 where I will happily remain until the spring of 2020.   My home parish is St. John the Evangelist, and I have a background in legal work as well as a Master’s degree from Concordia in the History and Philosophy of Religion. I have an affinity for ritual and liturgy, as well as a strong interest in First Nations concerns, and have been slowly learning Mohawk for the last couple of years. I feel called to the area of pastoral care, especially working with those who are homeless and/or marginalized, but I am open to wherever the Spirit may lead me.  I continue to look forward to new experiences as part of the vibrant St. George’s community.

Carole Kapelanski

Parish Administrative Assistant


I used to work for a large, global engineering firm where my office overlooked the beautiful St George’s.  At the suggestion of a colleague, I attended a Sunday service and have been a member of the congregation ever since; almost 25 years. At first I was attracted by the potential for my own spiritual growth, but as time went on I realized this was a place that really cared for people. In 2016, when I had the opportunity to join the staff, I jumped at the chance. My role goes beyond the traditional role of administrative assistant’s. Since I’m often the point of first contact I want to be a kind and welcoming presence for everyone – people I know or people I don’t, rich or poor, well or sick, happy or sad. I’d wanted to do something different; something where I could make a real difference. My role here gives me that chance every day.  

Facilities Manager & Special Projects


Earlier in my career, I was a parliamentary assistant on the hill in Ottawa. I never thought I’d find a job again that so completely aligned with my values until I started here at St. George’s. This shouldn’t have been surprising since St. George’s has been part of my life since I was born; my parents were married here, I was baptised, confirmed and recently married here, but it has been. I started volunteering for the community lunch in March 2016 and by April had started a full-time role in community outreach and as verger. Today, I’m responsible for overseeing the physical site and facilitating operations to ensure the “best care” and “best use” of our physical infrastructure. St. George’s was there before and our desire is to make sure it will be there after we are gone. My job as one of the custodians of this place is to make sure that we have sustainable systems and process so that happens.

Kosala Liyanage



With over 25 years of experience in the restaurant and hotel industry, I received numerous offers of employment. However, after having cooked for the wealthiest amongst us, I wanted to share the taste I can create with those that are destitute and those that do not have the opportunity to taste such food. I want to do the best I can to help the homeless and the poor. Nothing is more gratifying to me then to offer them the best food I can make and see in their eyes and their faces the impact my actions have. Even before I was selected to join this team in 2018, I knew I wanted to be here and my hope is to stay for the rest of my career.

Jean-Sébastien Allaire

Music Director


I came to St. George’s in January 2017. I was called to bring my musical gifts and experience as a church musician and I was looking forward to a stimulating and new challenge. Today, I feel that call even more strongly. Not only it has deepened my faith but also contributed to my work as Music Director and helped me to provide better teaching, spiritual guidance and motivation to choir members to be fully engaged and become better musicians. I also love working with Steven. There is a sense of dignity to the service and a commitment to liturgical and musical excellence to which I always aspire. Together, we work to enhance the service and support the congregation in prayer. I am happy to evolve spiritually at St. George’s and I am looking forward to continuing my music ministry in its midst.

Philip Crozier



Beatrice Ferreira



I’ve had a relationship with St. George’s since the fall of 2015. At the time, I had just arrived in Montreal from Philadelphia to study composition at McGill’s Schulich School of Music [2017]. When I visited the sanctuary and met the people at St. George’s I knew this place and its mission were special. I began playing viola at the 9am Sunday services and, in return, St. George’s offered me a teaching space where I could mentor a small but vibrant studio of adult beginner string students. Outside of my partnership with St. George’s, I work as a freelance composer in Canada and the US, perform as a member of the experimental-pop group Alex Rand (Jurassic Pop Records), and act as concert coordinator for the Hildegard Project, a McGill-funded student initiative that aims to bring music composed by women to shelters in Montreal. I feel inspired to create and share sounds with people who might not otherwise realize the role it can play in enriching their lives. In my new role at St. George’s I am looking forward to sharing my music through the congregation’s community outreach and interfaith ministry.

Elodie Lambert

Children’s Ministry Coordinator


I joined the St. George’s team in the fall of 2015 as the head of the Youth and Children’s Ministry. I was welcomed by a warm, loving and friendly congregation that made me feel as if I had been there for many years. I had been doing youth and young adult ministry for about 5 years, but St. George’s offered me the opportunity to work more closely with young children to spread the joy of the word of God. Children are filled with such joy, adventure and curiosity and I learn from them constantly and can only hope to share the knowledge that I have to allow them to continue to grow into such a wonderful and warm congregation.

nicole biron



I was baptized and raised as a Roman Catholic. By my early 20s I stopped practicing because of changes in the Church and in my life. I was pretty disillusioned. When I met and married an Anglican, this changed and after a process of elimination we finally settled on St George’s mainly because of parking! In 1980, I started attending regularly and felt immediately at home.  I was welcomed with open arms even though I was a French Canadian and not, at that time, an Anglican. Soon I was invited to volunteer on various committees and help out with the Sunday Soup making, helping with Sunday School and eventually becoming a Deputy Warden.  When the Treasurer position became vacant six years ago I put my name forward. Today, much of my volunteer time at St-George’s is spent managing this important function. I am also very involved in volunteering for homeless outreach, something that I would have found unimaginable just a couple of years ago. Thanks to our staff I’ve learned how to relate to our guests and in that way I’ve come to learn so much about them and their lives. This volunteering gives me so much. St-George’s is much more for me than Sunday service. It’s my family. I’ve grown in my faith here. I love that as a community we are opening our doors to people who, no matter their religion, economic status, race, or language want to do something that matters to the community. I hope that by our actions St-George’s will become a bright beacon of hope and sustainable source of love and compassion in the downtown.

Deborah Hinton

People’s warden


The history, the power and beauty of the liturgy and the homeless outreach program drew Michael, my husband, and me into this amazing community. We’ve been members since January 2016. Since then, my ministry here has been guided by two questions: If our Church is an exemplar of how Christian faith was practiced in the 20th century then how can St. George’s become an exemplar of how faith is practiced in the 21st century? What can I do to help make that happen? It’s a time of change; an opportunity for me to support the evolution of a community with deep roots in social justice and a growing practice of faith in action. I’m one of the founders of Civitasx and an active volunteer for Meals to the Street. As Peoples’ Deputy [2017] and then Peoples’ Warden [2018] I serve on the Corporation and share responsibility for two portfolios: Homeless Outreach [with Tracy] and Community Outreach [with Bill].

Tracy Davidson

Rectors’ Warden


St. George’s has been an important part of my life since I graduated from the Royal Academy of Music [London, England] in 1984. My husband, Tom, knew the then choir director who invited us to join the community and me to join the choir. With the exception of a few years in the late 80s I’ve been singing lead here ever since. I also sing in two other choirs: Octet Plus and Orpheus Singers. I definitely came for the music, but I’ve stayed because of the fellowship; the warmth of the community and my desire to play a role in congregational life. I’ve been a member Parish Council and the Music Program Selection Committee. I’m a member of the Guild, an active volunteer for our Community Lunch program and create the floral arrangements for the altar. As Rectors’ Warden I share responsibility for two Corporation portfolios: Homeless Outreach [with Deb] and Music [with Bill]. I’ve seen a lot of change in the nearly 30 years I’ve been at St. George’s. The path we are on today is full of promise for our Church community and beyond.

Bill Garrett

People’s Deputy Warden


I joined St. George’s in the fall of 2016. My wife Sue and I are both musicians, me as a producer and Sue, music therapy. As a result St. George’s passion for high quality music programming was a definite draw. I served on the Music Program Selection Committee [2017] I also love the church’s commitment to integrating more fully into our neighbouring downtown community by actively reaching out and serving the homeless and others in need. Currently I’m experimenting with recording and posting sermons that can be shared online with members of the St. George’s community who aren’t necessarily able to be present any given Sunday. As Peoples’ Deputy Warden [2018] I share responsibility with Tracy for the Music portfolio and with Deb for Community Outreach. I also represent the Corporation on the Building Committee having experienced working with architects and builders on big institutional development projects. (CBC Broadcasting Centre, Toronto)

Honor Barrett

Rector’s Deputy Warden


I have been attending St. George’s since the beginning of January 2016. I was instantly attracted by the warm welcome, traditional service and wonderful music. I started volunteering for the community lunch that was just starting for the homeless and hungry and being offered once a week. Now, this ministry has grown to offer our guests access to our drop in centre and a warm meal six days a week. Shortly after I joined St George’s we began a partnership with members of the Muslim community called CivitasX.  I also volunteer once a month when we gather with our Muslim and Jewish friends, people of other faiths and no faith to take Meals to the Street as part of our ministry to the homeless. The Altar Guild has always been a ministry that I am drawn to. I joined the Guild shortly after I began worshiping here and have led it since 2018. I love the beautiful silver, linens and silk brocades.

I am so happy to be a part of this vibrant place and especially pleased, as Rector’s deputy warden, to be an active member of our forward thinking and exciting leadership team.