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Mission partners

We are working with a growing number of organizations to strengthen our ministry and outreach. These include:

Wolf Pack Street Patrol – In early March 2018, the Wolf Pack Patrol, first hit the streets of Montreal. It is a first nations led multicultural not-for-profit that is that is helping homeless people after dark when the needs are high and the service options very limited. Each Patrol is guided by the seven sacred teachings of love, respect, wisdom, humility, courage, truth and honesty when interacting with the community. They use a non-confrontational, non-threatening, non-violent, non-judgemental approach and actively engages in conversations with the homeless and others to promote healthy relationship building and reconciliation. They work to de-escalate conflict, prevent crime and provide early response to assess and assist whenever additional help may be needed. The team is particularly concerned for, and able to help, homeless indigenous women. The Patrol also supports families looking for missing family members by helping in the search and coordinating help for the found. Since March they have become a regular, positive presence on the streets at night and gained recognition for the work they do.

The Wolf Pack Street Patrol began working out of our Church annex in July [2018]. Our desire is to deepen this relationship so that together we can better serve the downtown homeless in general and the Indigenous homeless in particular.

 The Red Urban Project Montreal was created to educate both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples about First Nations culture in Canada assisting in reconnecting people with tradition through collective storytelling, workshops, and dance. The Red Urban Project offers a variety of day programs and small workshops for government agencies, schools, high risk youth, the private sector, community programs and personal interest groups. The Red Urban Project carefully plans and develops its workshops with the knowledge and assistance of First Nations Elders and skilled community members ensuring that the knowledge and integrity of tradition is preserved in its traditional way.

“In these times, unity is critical amongst all people regardless of background.” says Harrington, founder of the Red Urban Project. He sees that “…the time is now for people of both Native and non-Native descent to take an informed interest in order to unite and bridge the gaps that have been separating people from Mother Earth for so long.” The penultimate goal of the Red Urban Project is to help reconnect people to their roots, ignite healing and assist transformation within.

The Red Urban Project began working out of our Church annex in July, 2018. Our deepest hope is to support and learn from this important work of educating and connecting that is at the core of reconciliation.

Funding Partners

Thanks to the financial and moral support we receive from the J. R. McConnell Foundation, Hockey Helps the Homeless and the Lawson Family Foundation we are able to support and continue to scale our work with the homeless and working poor in the downtown.

Resource Partners

In addition to the many amazing and dedicated volunteers who support us with their time and talent, there are some exceptional organizations that are helping us build for the future. These include:

Concordia University. Rosemary C. Reilly, CCFE, Associate Professor, Applied Human Sciences, Graduate Program Director- MA in Human Systems Intervention, Applied Human Sciences has introduced us to two of the program students, Chris Taylor and Jacqueline Courtney, who are working on their Masters research and will be helping us with the design and implementation of our community engagement and change management approaches until the summer of 2019

Gestion Immobilière Quo Vadis team have volunteered for Meals to the Streets, provided us with tile setters to lay tile for our new kitchen and bathroom as well as referrals for industrial kitchen designers and products that will help us create a kitchen that we will be able to use again when our property is developed and introduced us to one of their partners who is interested in volunteering to help us with food logistics.

The team at Phil, as well as regularly volunteering for Meals to the Street, are giving us with communication support for Civitasx, including monthly Meals to the Street poster design and advice on social media.

United in Christ, a group of people who represent the Coptic Orthodox Churches in Montreal, come together to make and serve a home cooked meal on Monday evenings. On Friday evenings, River’s Edge Community Church does the same. Thanks to these two faith communities we are able to offer community dinners for the disadvantaged after our drop-ins normal opening hours.

YMCA Work Compensatory Program – We are pleased partner with the YMCA to support their work compensatory program, where those who do not have the finances to pay the city of Montreal for there contraventions, are able to work at St. George’s Anglican Church as a way to payoff their fines. Our enrolment in the YMCA’s work compensatory program provides us with much needed labor that our Drop-In Center requires. It would be difficult to do the good work we do without help from the participants in the YMCA’s work compensatory program. We are thankful to the YMCA for their partnership.