“Stewardship is the faithful and effective use of the gifts of time, skill and money entrusted to us by God. It is our partnership with God as we thankfully share life’s abundant blessings and live out our ministries.”

– Ven. Peter Hobbs, Christ Church Bell’s Corners, Ottawa


As our understanding of stewardship has evolved, so too have our stewardship practices. These include:

  • Gaining national and municipal heritage designation for our church building and working with various heritage bodies to ensure that to the extent possible that St. George’s 19th century church building is protected even while we evolve in the 21st century.
  • Holding monthly parish hall meetings to review financials and openly discuss issues and opportunities of importance to the life of our faith community
  • Making our financials more transparent and easier to understand by publishing an annual narrative budget
  • Encouraging planned giving through our annual program.
  • Planning for the sustainable development of our church annex
  • Ensuring the best use of our space in support of the community by balancing the needs of the wider community with the financial opportunities of rentals
  • Mindfully building and maintaining sustainable relationships with partners inside and outside of our faith community.

In the future we hope to have a stewardship plan and take on some projects specifically designed to reduce our environmental impact to the extent we can given our built infrastructure.