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St. George’s has been the stunning backdrop to weddings for more than 175 years.

At St. George’s we are pleased to officiate both Christian weddings and the blessings of civil marriages including the blessing of same-gender civil unions. We also recognize civil divorce and the remarriage of those who have been divorced.

You may want to celebrate your marriage with your own priest, or in another more secular way. As long as what you are planning is in keeping with the spiritual nature of our space, St. George’s is open to rentals. If you want to host a Christian wedding with your own officiating priest or a secular wedding please check out Church rentals on the website.

For more information please contact us at or call 514.866.7113 ext 0.

What are the requirements for a Christian wedding at St. George’s?

At least one of the couple need to have been baptized, regardless of the Christian denomination.

Do you marry people who have been divorced?

Yes. At St. George’s we welcome those who have found love again with open arms. The Anglican Church affirms the desire of divorced persons to establish a covenant relationship with another person.

What are the requirements for a same-gender civil blessing celebration at St. George’s?

At least one of the couple needs to be part of an existing pastoral relationship with our priest and congregation. The blessing also needs the approval, on the recommendation of the priest, of the Anglican Bishop of Montreal.

What can we expect to be included if we want a Christian wedding a St. George’s?

Our staff will work with you to secure a date when both the Church and an officiating priest are available for your wedding and provide you with a clear contract. They will also submit all the legal paperwork and produce and print the order of service as you’ve agreed with the officiating priest [see below].

Closer to the wedding, the officiating Priest will meet with you to guide you through all aspects of the liturgy, including communion if you so choose, and the overall flow of the service, lead the rehearsal and officiate at your celebration.

Our Music Director will work with you on the musical aspect of the wedding. The Director has access to a wide range of musicians and singers and will be able to advise on the best options given your desires and your budget.

On the day of the wedding our team will do everything they can to help make your vision for this special celebration a reality. The Church will be closed to the public.

Do we need to take pre-wedding religious instruction?

No, but if you want to do this, we will refer you to professionals who do this.

How far in advance to we need to book the Church?

We need a minimum of 90 days notice for the legal aspects with the government. That said, St. George’s is a popular wedding/event venue. In the summer, our Church is usually booked 12 months in advance, but even in less popular seasons, we are often fully booked 6 months ahead. We recommend booking as far ahead as possible.