St-George’s has been offering lunch to homeless guests for 4 years.  What started with a simple one-off meal has become a drop-in centre that serves 85 – 110 people daily.  Our focus has been primarily on providing good nutritious food and a safe welcoming place for our guests. Over the coming year, we will be partnering with Refettorio Montreal who will provide hot breakfast and 3-course lunches to our drop-in centre.  The arrival of Refettorio will also mean that we can move to a purpose-built space and offer programming to better support our guests’ other needs. 

We are looking for a Drop-In Center Coordinator to join our Church leadership team to help us bring our vision to life.  The Coordinator will be responsible for reimagining our drop in centre programming, facilitating the preparation of a 5-year plan for the centr3e3, and ensuring the safe transition to the new location while developing and maintaining our drop-in center services, including peer support and transition services for our guests. The Drop-In Center Coordinator serves as a role model for those accessing the space and leads all activities and support services for the center. The Drop-In Center Coordinator involves the St George’s and broader community in the stewardship of the drop-in center.

Reporting relationship

Reports directly to the Rector of St-George’s and participates in the leadership of St-George’s.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Leads in the reimagining of our drop in centre with Refettorio Montreal and prepares for the opening of Refettorio Montreal including:
    • Leading in the creation of a 5-year plan for homeless outreach
    • Preparing and presenting of a proposed annual report on the drop in centre and proposed plans and budget for ensuring the ongoing development of services and programs to better support our guests
    • Submits report and recommendations to the Corporation in November
    • Reports quarterly, and as necessary, to the Corporation on progress to the annual plan and recommended adjustments as needed
  • Ensures that our guests are consulted in the design of the new drop in and have input to new programming 
  • Leads the move to the new space
  • Leads day-to-day management of our drop-in centre and budget
    • Provides oversight on all aspects of the drop in center to ensure that we are creating a safe and clean, warm and welcoming and accessible space 
      • Recruits and engages intervention workers as defined by the plan and budget
      • Ensures health and safety of guests and staff
      • Ensures adequate presence of trained volunteers, interns and/or staff on the floor 
      • Coordinates and assesses the needs of the intervention team; staff and interns.
      • Participate and or facilitate meetings of the team and other relevant committees
      • Ensures clear communications within the drop in and between the drop in the Church community and Refettorio
      • Identifies and activates new program opportunities and partners
    • Recruits, coordinates and engages staff, volunteers and interns 
      • Assesses training and development needs and leads or oversees activities to build and maintain knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours of employees, volunteers and interns essential to the performance of their work and aligned with the drop in centre vision, mission and values
    • Facilitates and manages a robust, drop-in program for exploited and vulnerable people who come to our door  
      • Leads in developing guest relationships and trust building 
      • Facilitates intakes, assessments, and develops safety plans with clients eligible for drop-in services as needed.
      • Maintains regular data collection of drop-in clients and enter into databases for donor and volunteer management 
      • Ensures all drop-in supplies are in place on a weekly basis 
      • Knows our guests and assists guests in appropriate behavior and in developing interpersonal relationships; resolves conflicts with, and between guests, as needed. 
      • Provides crisis intervention and de-escalation with our guests as needed.
      • Organizes and coordinates the delivery of wrap around services including mental health, legal, hairdressing, nursing through partners
    • Actively engages the St-George’s Church community in the mission of the drop in
    • Coordinates with the Parish Administrative Assistant and Communications ‘team’ to build awareness, interest and engagement in the Community [church and beyond] around homelessness in general and our drop in in particular 
    • Receives in-kind donations, including clothes, and manages sorting, distribution and organization of donations and ensures appropriate follow-up with donors 
  • Attends regular staff meetings – St-George’s and Refettorio Montreal, as needed
  • Coordinates with Refettorio Montreal on volunteering, fund development and operations
  • Coordinates with other service organizations [e.g. YMCA], drop in centres and shelters to ensure coordination of support to our guests and the homeless in the downtown
  • Serves as a positive leader for guests, staff and volunteers 

Qualifications and Skills

The Drop-In Centre Coordinator will hold a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (or other relevant field of study) and demonstrate over 5-years of practical experience in a similar role.

As a lead for the Drop-In Centre, the Coordinator will:

  • be a collaborative, engaging leader;
  • be able to communicate effectively in English and French.
  • show by their own behaviour what it means to be kind, open, inclusive and compassionate; and
  • share St. George’s commitment to diversity, social justice, and to be welcoming to all people.

As an administrator, the Drop-In Centre Coordinator will have demonstrated:

  • solid experience in successfully managing the day-to-day reality of managing a drop in centre and creating a safe place and a healthy culture of kindness;
  • an ability to recruit, develop and involve staff and volunteers; 
  • solid administrative experience and the ability, with appropriate support, to manage contracts, grant applications [if necessary], budgets; and
  • ease in using Microsoft Office and Google Suite, including Google Docs for sharing documents.

Compensation and benefits

This is a full-time position. The compensation package includes a competitive base salary and a full benefits package, including medical, dental, vision and paid vacation – based on experience and qualifications. 

Interested Applicants

Applicants should send their expression of interest directly to the church office by email: 

The Reverend Doctor Karen Egan
St-George’s Anglican Church
1101 Stanley Street
Montréal, QC H3B 2S6
Telephone: 514.866.7113

Included with their expression of interest should be the following:

  1. Covering letter describing why they feel called to this role.
  2. A curriculum vitae.

DEADLINE for applications:

Applications should be received no later than noon on March 1st, 2020. Successful candidates will be contacted shortly after the deadline.